Creative thinking workshops – when done well – are a great way to stimulate innovation and creativity amongst your teams and put concepts into action. Plug me in to help however best fits your situation:

As an expansion on a keynote: After being inspired, attendees learn a creative thinking technique that ignites their creativity. The techniques I teach – both creative and critical thinking techniques - work for solo and group projects.

Workshop participants who have done a common project using these tools are amazed at the results that come within just a few minutes.

As a separate engagement: Companies and organizations bring me in for 1-, 2- and 3-day creative and critical thinking workshop facilitation.

Working with you, I design the workshop in three acts and help your team uncover innovative solutions. We’ll look at the situation inside out – and then outside in – to gain a fresh perspective from each participant and then lead the team in an actionable direction toward solving your strategic challenges.

Being a creative, I was really excited to attend Dennis’ workshop ‘Pause. Think. Create’, hoping to learn some new strategies to incorporate into my own workflow. Dennis has a real knack to present in an engaging, encouraging, educational and funny way. My biggest take away from the workshop is just how much you can get done in a short space of time by disconnecting from technology, picking up pen & paper and just letting the ideas flow. Thank you, Dennis, for showing us how easy it is to switch off for a few minutes to create some valuable output.
— Franziska Scheithauer
Dennis delivered a brilliant workshop to our conference executives from the European media landscape. Executives had a chance to learn fresh strategic approaches to their business (or life) issues through Dennis’ creative methods.
— Krisztina Homolay, Managing Director, CTAM Europe
When we decided to review our brand strategy, we turned to Dennis to facilitate new ideas about UPC Direct and how we present ourselves. His workshop was a critical step in the process. He helped us frame the discussion and led a very productive session, challenging our thinking and giving a voice to our brand. His workshop led to repositioning ourselves and the creation of a new brand for our most competitive markets.
— Jim Helfgott, Vice President Marketing and Sales, UPC Direct
Dennis’ professional experience and credibility with our group was established in the opening minutes and only got better as our board retreat progressed. His leadership engaged board members in new and exciting ways and inspired the group to stretch how our foundation will meet future needs.
— Brad Anderson, Director Salina Arts & Humanities

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