"I think creatively, therefore I am creative."

(A new twist on an ageless concept.)

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My focus is helping others get in touch with their personal creativity. My talks, workshops and projects are designed to help audiences and clients unlock their inner genius and ignite the creativity that lives within each of them. When I work with you, I draw from my diverse life experiences combining art with strategy with creative thinking to meet your needs – and it works! My techniques are easy to understand, learn and apply in participants' personal and professional lives.


My creative keynotes are designed to touch and inspire audiences on a personal level. All children are creative yet most adults don’t see themselves as creative. Where did it go? Wouldn’t it be great if we all felt we were creative again? My talks are designed to ignite that personal creativity.

For your user conference, team meeting, client retreat  – wherever you need some fresh and compelling content. Learn more. 


My dynamic workshops take two forms: one is a follow-on to a keynote where inspiration from the talk is put into practice with participants learning and applying a creative thinking technique; the other is where I facilitate your workshop leading your team on a journey that culminates in action.

In both, participants learn creative thinking techniques that have daily practical applications. Learn more.