11 1/2 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity - Autographed Copy

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DH Book_COVER.jpg

11 1/2 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity - Autographed Copy


We all need a spark from time to time to get us moving in a certain direction. That’s what this book is about - to help you ignite your creativity. Easy to implement ideas get you going from the first page so you see results immediately. What are you waiting for?

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Life is as complicated today as it has ever been in the history of humans. There is no time to just pause and think and enjoy the moment. It’s no surprise that many people feel they are less creative than they’d like to be. Creativity takes even just a little amount of time and none of us seem to have any to spare.

This book will help you slow down just a bit and will teach you ways – 11 ½ of them to be precise – to ignite your creativity.

"This little gem inspires small actions designed to move the reader along the path of creativity.  Hodges challenges us with mini-experiments that he has explored personally.  His delightful storytelling provides that little push that we all need to ignite change.  Do yourself a favor and join along.”
- Elaine Bernstorf, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor of Music Education, Wichita State University

"A cacophony of slap-your-head-obvious advice for those who have forgotten how life and work should be artistic: from rebooting your morning, taking digital sabbaticals to examples on how to ignite imagination. This book is a rallying cry for us all to embrace our innate curiousity and prioritise our creative education again (as adults)."                                                            - DK, Creative Producer / Speaker Coach - justadandak.com 

"Dennis’ guide to igniting creativity is an engaging approach to shaking the reader from their daily routine. His insights and direction provide an easy to navigate path for anyone wanting to spark a little creative energy in their lives."                                - Brad Anderson, Director of Arts & Humanities, Salina, KS